BAM for desktop

  • Future Pinball bugs fixed
  • Light settings
  • Per-pixel lighting New Rendering
  • Camera settings (work in progres)
  • Post-processing effects (blur, gamma correction, brightness, saturation)
  • Plugin system
  • Improved high scrore (values above 2 billions)
  • New features on tables (custom game rooms, custom balls, animated mini-playfields)
  • Physics settings defined per table
  • ... all for free, BAM is Freeware

BAM for pinball cabinet

  • BAM view - perspective calculated for viewer eyes position
  • Head-tracking - best way to recreate impression of real pinball machine (see video on top)
  • Stereo 3D - many glasses and display types supported
  • Easy to setup table position/size, back-box position/size
  • Few special effects designed for cabs

BAM for VR

  • All main VR headset supported: Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, phone headset thru OpenVR and RiftCat
  • Room scale and sitting