BAM now has its own rendering engine and can draw all table elements with pixel shader programs. This New Renderer can calculate lights "per pixel", as well as use normal and relief maps to draw objects with more details. 

New Renderer requires more powerfull graphics cards. It will not work on some old computers. Also graphics card driver update may be required.

Tables on New Renderer will look little different. 


How to enable New Renderer?

Usage of New Renderer is controlled in 2 places: global and "per table".

  1. global in [Config] -> [Rendering Engine] -> mode:
    • Compatibility (default) - If it is selected at game start, BAM will not create structures required for New Renderer. To enable New Renderer, you have to change mode to "Disabled" or "Enabled" and restart game.
    • Disabled - New Renderer is disabled for all tables, except for the few tables with "per table" setting set to Enabled.
    • Enabled -  New Renderer is enabled for all tables, except for the few tables with "per table" setting set to Disabled.
  2. "per table" is [Table & Lightning] -> New Renderer:
    • Disabled - the current table will not use New Renderer, regardless of global setting.
    • Global (default) - the current table will use New Renderer, only when global = Enabled.
    • Enabled - the current table will use New Renderer, regardless of global setting.


It is simpler than it sounds. Here are examples:

  • All tables use standard rendering (default) --- global=Compatibility, "per table"=any.
  • only on few tables  --- global=Disabled, for few tables: "per table"=Enabled.
  • on all tables --- global=Enabled, leave"per table"=Global.
  • almost on all tables --- global=Enabled, for few tables: "per table"=Disabled.