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Future Pinball has been undeservedly labelled as having bad physics.  However, some really smart people have found a way to modify the rules of physics built into the game. They have released unofficial modified versions of Future Pinball. Unfortunately, in order to properly use the new better physics, you need to modify tables and to play different tables with different physics rules.  You needed a few different FP versions. Now,  BAM gives you a way to use one version of FP for all physics versions.


What You have to do?

NOTHING. Well, almost nothing.


Developers now release tables with one additional file. This file must have same name like table, but "ZIP" extension. For example in last DrDude release You will find files: "DrDUDE.fpt" and "DrDUDE.ZIP". To use it,  you have to:

  1. Keep both files in one folder. (DON'T UNPACK "DrDUDE.ZIP").
  2. Start Future Pinball by running "FPLoader.exe" from BAM folder. (Same way, as you use BAM).

BAM will on-the-fly replace all needed resources in FP with new physics rules (and 3d models... and graphics if available in "ZIP"). In BAM menu on right-bottom corner you will see name of used "ZIP" file.

You may also change "default" physics-rules by copying one "ZIP" file to BAM folder and rename it to "default.zip". I don't recommend this. Table-developers can change every accessible physics engine params for one special table. Now you don't require 3 or 4 version of game with different physics rules.




What is inside "ZIP"?

Inside You will find:

- XML/464.XML - XML file with physics params;

- MODELS/nnn.MODELS - (nnn is number) - 3D models of all objects build in EXE file, like: game room, ball, cabine and many more. To open it with fpm-editor You have to extract it from ZIP and change extension to .FPM .

- BMP/nnn.BMP , JPG/nnn.JPG , TGA/nnn.TGA - all graphics and textures fro FP EXE file.

- WAVE/518.WAVE, WAVE/519.WAVE - 2 sounds from game.

- SHADERS/nnn.SHADERS - FP shaders programs (not very interesting).

You can substitute these files with own version. For example to change game room graphics or change game room.


How to get all the elements for original game?

Use my small command line tool: FPRes.


  1. Put in one folder:
    - FPRes.exe
    - Original Future Pinball.exe (You can rename it to: FPORG.exe)
    - Modified Future Pinball.exe (let say file name is: NEWFP.exe)
  2. In command line enter:
    FPRes.exe NEWFP.exe FPORG.exe

Tool will create "FPRes" folder. Inside will be all modified resources from NEWFP.exe. If you forgot to set second argument, FPRes.exe will extract all useful resources from NEWFP.exe