How to use 3d mode:

  1.  nVidia:
    - requires Win7 / Win8
    - requires Geforce 4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx
    - new drivers: 320.49 (nvidia added support for quad buffer stereo in open gl 2-4 moths ago)
    - 120Hz monitor - You have to set refreshrate 120Hz. If You don't set 120Hz BAM will use 3D mode, but 60Hz blinking screen looks bad and my glasses did not work

    -When using with 3dTv you may need to download "3dTvPlay" add-on from Nvidia and set to Checkerboard in control pannel

  2. AMD/ATI
    - requires Radeon 6xxx/7xxx
    - Win 7 / Win 8
    - Connect monitor / tv with HDMI 1.4a cable (It will not work thru DVI or D-SUB)
    - Set Mode to 720p x 60Hz. In Catalyst Control Center disable scaling - driver will probly detect monitor/TV as TV and scale image x95%.

  3. Run BAM, set mode - You will see info about required restart.
  4. Exit game and start again (You don't have to exit from FP).
  5. If You hardware support this mode, it will work, if not You will see message in BAM menu.
  6. If You want to disable Stereo 3D or select other mode, You will see message about required restart.


Advantages and disadvantages

+ No color distortion

+ Maximum screen resolution

- Requires high end gfx cars

- Requires compatible displays

-IR Signal from 3d Tv used in vertical position may require redirection with prism to send signal to end of Tv 

(cheap plastic prism $10 works fine)