• TrackIR-FP-SettingsFP Settings

FP Settings

  • Enable TrackIR (red box on image)
  • Arcade Mode (green box)



Future Pinball can communicate with TrackIR only with this settings. BAM don't send or receive anything from TrackIR. Only overhears what TrackIR send to Future Pinball.


  • TrackIR-SettingsTrackIR Settings

TrackIR Settings

  1. Set profile to "One:One"
  2. Set checkbox "Exclusice" 
  3. Set Action Key "Center" to key You like to use
  4. Disable Smooth



Default settings aren't "linear". It means, that if you move head 1 inch, sometimes TrackIR report 1/4" move and another time 3/2". If you set smooth to 0, you will reduce input lag. TrackIR have very good resolution.


  • TrackIR-BAM-SettingsBAM Settings

BAM Settings

Select TrackIR plugin in BAM and enter "base head position" (as CamX, CamY, CamZ). You will have to put head at this position every time, you will press "Center" key (see TrackIR Settings, point 3). When you press this "center" key, TrackIR will interprete this position as "base position" and report player position as diference, between this "base position" and current. Ok ... it sounds complicated ... don't panic ... now easy version:

As default BAM set this position to 6 inches above edge of display close to player. Only "TrackIR Reflector Clip" must be at this point. So do it this way:

  • TrackIR-Reflector-ClipBase position

  1. Get small box and put it on edge of display. (This may also be the head of the dummy).
  2. Put hat with reflector clip over this box. (see image on right).
  3. Press "Center" key.
  4. Now play (with reflector clip on your head).

This last procedure You will have to repeat every time, you start Future Pinball with new table.

You also may change scale or rotation of axis, but default values (Scale = 1.0, all rotations = 0.0 deg) should work fine.

You may also enter different "base position". For example on your head (like this: CamY = 32 inch, CamZ = 3 inch). After "centering" of base position You may pass hat with reflector clip to other player (with different height). You don't have to repeat "centering".


  • TrackIR with BAM works only with Future Pinball. It will not work with BAM-Tracker.
  • Every time, after "centering", TrackIR will set axis little different. If you stay in exacly same place 10 times, for BAM it will be 10 different places. Error is small and don't break "feel of depth"... but if you look carefully you will see. For me it is main pitfall of TrackIR compared to IR-Led tracking (HT w/PS3 Eyes) or Kinect.
  • TrackIR require BAM v.1.2-84 or newer.
  • It work only with BAM - Forced Arcade Mode. Switch is BAM [Addons] menu.

TrackIR has very small CPU usage, realy great accuracy, minimal lag (like my IR-LED tracking) and is easy to use. I put it on second place in list of best tracking solution for BAM.