• bam_mode_fpMenu

The table is displayed in the same way as Future Pinball, but with the following additional options:

  • After loading, the table is automatically centered and scaled to fill screen (and keep aspect)
  • You can change settings (and immediately see the effect) from the menu level, whereas previously you had to modify the registry 
  • Menu Exit (press ~ or Q) will create a file in BAM/cfgdirectory "table_name.cfg"
    • bam_mode_tl_fpTable & Lighting
  • Settings are automatically loaded from this file on next start of game

Options in menu:

  • Cam X Y / Z - camera position. The registry entry is: ArcadeCameraX / Y / Z
  • Table & Lighting - submenu where you can change light source position, params, table scale & translation, backbox scale & translation
  • Reality - submenu where you can setup how cabinet looks  in reality (these values are usefull in setup), params of screenshots