• bam_submenu_tlMenu
  • New Light System - [not visible in Future Pinball mode] Normally when cam position is changed, light is moved in opposite direction. Enabled will "lock" light position.
  • Light source position: X / Y / Z -  the position of the light. These options cannot be changed in the registry
  • Light source params: Size - If you imagine that, above the table is a light bulb. So now you can change its size. A lower value means a bigger light bulb. Bigger bulb gives bigger spotlight. Default value in FP is 1.0. Number close to zero, but greater than zero, will create a big spotlight. Bigger number gives smaller spotlight. Less than zero will result in erroneous lighting of the table.
  • Light source params: Strength - The light intensity. Default value in FP is 0.75. A value of zero indicates lights off.
  • Light source params: Diffuse - Defaut value in FP is 1.0. Setting the value higher than 1.0 has an effect on transparent parts.
  • Translate translation in space: X / Y / Z - table offset. By default 0.0 mean center of screen. Z is not visible in Future Pinball mode
  • Table scale: X / Y / Z - table scale. Default is 1.0.  Z is not visible in Future Pinball mode
    • bam_menu_savSetup Assistant View
  • Table rotation: Angle - rotation of table on X axis
  • BACKBOX - submenu, here you can set scale & translation of backbox



Setup Assistant View

This is a view from the left side of the table.

  • Green block - table
  • Red dot - camera
  • Red triange - space displayed on screen
  • White horizontal bar - screen
  • Yellow star - light


  • bam_menu_backboxBACKBOX submenu
BACKBOX submenu

  • Mode - You can select between a few presets: Backglass, Backglass streach, Full width, Backbox 1, Backbox 2 or import from FP or set it manual 
  • Translate X / Y - move content displayed on second monitor
  • Scale X / Y - scale content displayed on second monitor



  • All options visible in this menu are saved in BAM/cfg dir in files: "Table_Name.cfg"
  • In "Table_Name.cfg" file there is also save info about: selected mode/plugin, cam position (for Static Cam mode).
  • If You copy "Table_Name.cfg" file from BAM/cfg dir to BAM dir and rename it to "default.cfg", this setting will be used as default values