This applies to Version 1.2-72 June 29, 2014

The combination of Forced Arcade Mode and Animation Sequencer now allows users to play pinball in Arcade Mode

while at the same time being able to pan around the table to view the table art and back box.  This is especially impressive when the combination of Stereoscopic 3d mode and head tracking mode are enabled.


Table presentation (Animation Sequencer)
It is only for "arcade mode".
 You can create animation sequence.
Instruction for end user: Press F1, F2, F3 to play stored animation.

Instruction to create animation:
All is in [Config] -> [Animation sequencer].
You can create 3 animations lists. To replay animation press F1, F2 or F3.
Every animation is build from "static" frames. For every frame, you can set:
- Table translation in 3 axis
- Table scale in 3 axis (it is better to keep same values for all 3 axis)
- Table rotation in 3 axis
- Frame duration in ms.
BAM will add smooth transition between frames.
On default animation list is empty. 
To add frame press INSERT.
To remove frame press DELETE.
You can create up to 10 reference points to be animated.
To change column use arrows left/right. Because the arrows are used to switch columns, the l values are  entered with numeric keys (and '-' key).
Editor is simple so try it.
To save animations use "Save tableName.seq". It will create simple text file in "cfg" dir with "seq" extension. If you want, you also can edit it in text editor.


Forced Arcade Mode

- BAM-view/Arcade mode accessible from FP "non-arcade" mode. (lets call it "Forced Arcade Mode")

To enable it:
1. In FP in "Video/Rendering Options" uncheck "arcade mode"
2. In BAM menu go to [Addons] menu. Here is switch "Force Arcade Mode".
In this mode You will have same view like in FP Arcade Mode with BAM, but all objects will be visible. (Pinball box/chassie, backbox objects on playfield monitor ....)