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BAM supports Stereoscopic 3D view. It will work in any BAM mode (with or without head tracking).


What is Stereo 3D?

BAM presents two offset images separately to the left and right eye of the viewer. These two-dimensional images are then combined in the brain to give the perception of 3D depth.


What i need to see Stereo 3D?

  • First simplest way is Anaglyph glasses.


  • Passive polarized 3D system. 


  • 120Hz 3D display with active shutter glasses 



Go to: Reality - > Stereo 3D.


  • Eyes separation - distance betwen eyes. Default 6.5cm (2.56inch). If You use head tracking leave it. In Static CAM You can decrease it. Small values will make it easy to see 3D and make objects on table "smaller". To keep real size of objects you should use value ~6.5cm.
  • Swap Eyes - You can swap displayed images betwen eyes.
  • 3D mode - here you select how BAM will display 2 images.



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    Passive - split screen

    This Stereo 3D mode requires a display that supports Split screen. BAM displays two images on one frame. To view 3D You have to select the appropriate mode in your TV's menu. 


    • Split - You can select between vertical / horizontal split screen mode. You have to select the right one for your screen
    • Direction - usually on display even lines are for left eye and odd lines are for right eye. Elements displayed on screen surface (like BAM menu) look better if for one eye they are moved by one line. You can select direction of this move: plus or minus. In one direction BAM menu will look "good", in other will look "bad". It probably won't make big difference in 3D.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    No color distortion

    + Lower CPU and GPU usage

    + No shaders used

    - Resolution divided by 2

    Requires compatible display

    - You need to switch mode on display, and other programs (like front end) will look "broken".

  • Menu: Split

    Passive - interlaced

    Almost same as split screen, but BAM creates interlenced image. You don't need to switch anything on display/TV. This mode requires pixel - pixel precision. You have to use display native resolution. Make sure, that Your TV or GFX card don't scale image. Some TVs on PC-input "enlarge" image 1-3%, also GFX cards, if detect TV screen can scale image. If TV or GFX card do this, it will negate "Stereo 3D" effect.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    No color distortion

    + Low GPU usage

    No need to switch anything in display/TV 

    - Shaders are used

    - Resolution dived by 2

    Requires compatible display


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    To use Stereo 3D,  you only need glasses with red / cyan filter !  The feel of 3D is GREAT!.


    • AnaglyphMode - You can select type of  glasses used / pixel shader program: Half-color, Optimized, Anachrome, Trichrome, ColorCode3D
    • Gamma - available only for  Half-color, Optimized mode
    • Contrase / Deghost -   available only for   Anachrome, Trichrome, ColorCode3D.

    Modes Half-color, Optimized and Anachrome are for Red / Cyan glasses. They produce slighty different images. 

    Trichrome is for Red / Green glasses.

    I recommend Red / Cyan glasses.

  • Active shutter glasses

    How to use 3d mode:

    1.  nVidia:
      - requires Win7 / Win8
      - requires Geforce 4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx
      - new drivers: 320.49 (nvidia added support for quad buffer stereo in open gl 2-4 moths ago)
      - 120Hz monitor - You have to set refreshrate 120Hz. If You don't set 120Hz BAM will use 3D mode, but 60Hz blinking screen looks bad and my glasses did not work

      -When using with 3dTv you may need to download "3dTvPlay" add-on from Nvidia and set to Checkerboard in control pannel

    2. AMD/ATI
      - requires Radeon 6xxx/7xxx
      - Win 7 / Win 8
      - Connect monitor / tv with HDMI 1.4a cable (It will not work thru DVI or D-SUB)
      - Set Mode to 720p x 60Hz. In Catalyst Control Center disable scaling - driver will probly detect monitor/TV as TV and scale image x95%.

    3. Run BAM, set mode - You will see info about required restart.
    4. Exit game and start again (You don't have to exit from FP).
    5. If You hardware support this mode, it will work, if not You will see message in BAM menu.
    6. If You want to disable Stereo 3D or select other mode, You will see message about required restart.


    Advantages and disadvantages

    + No color distortion

    + Maximum screen resolution

    - Requires high end gfx cars

    - Requires compatible displays

    -IR Signal from 3d Tv used in vertical position may require redirection with prism to send signal to end of Tv 

    (cheap plastic prism $10 works fine)