Current BAM status:

BAM » Current BAM status:


  • Works with "Arcade Mode"  and with limited options also works with "Desktop Mode"
  • Works with frontends like HyperPin, Pinball X
  • Support for two monitor setup.
  • Scaling of table & backbox.
  • More flexible light params.
  • Correct 3D perspective.
  • Real time tracking of players head to give feel of depth for pinball table. 
  • Stereoscopic 3D: Anaglyph glasses for ordinary screens, Passive and Active glasses for 3D TV/monitors.
  • Future Pinball internal physics files on the fly replacment.
  • Advanced rendering: per pixel lighting, Normal/Displacment Maps.
  • You can now pan around arcade room to view room and table art from within "Arcade Mode" (Forced Arcade Mode and Animation Sequencer)


Supported Head Tracking:

  • "FreeTrack" support for WebCams (In real-time Player's face position modifies camera position in 2 axis: X & Y).  This is a non infrared solution "noir" and may not track as smoothly as the following IR solutions:
  • WiiMotes Cam (2x WiiMotes used to trace IR-LED on player head).
  • Dual PS3 Eye cams.
  • Microsoft Kinect face tracking and skeletal tracking
  • Microsoft Kinect 2


Work in progress:

  • Overhaul Menu system for Basic/Advanced users
  • Overhaul online Manual to reflect these changes and recent BAM features